Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Twins progress report

So we're heading towards the six month mark now with the twins and I'm happy to report both are blooming quite nicely.

Olivia & Beau (2 weeks old)

Olivia & Beau (6 months old)
 As you can see they are certainly filling out and developing the same chubby cheeks as their mum!!

Beau's starting weight was 5lb and he now weighs a hefty 15 lb 5 oz
Olivia's starting weight was 4lb 8oz and now comes in at 12 lb 5 oz

Yes, there is a 3lb difference but hey, at least it's the right way round!

Beau is our little fidget man, he is not happy unless he can move or stand up. He has developed the art of doing a complete 360 ° on the play mat or where ever you might lay him. I am sure we have a possible sports star in the making - do you think Man Utd sign babies??

Olivia however is a little less fussed about seeing the world from on her feet and would prefer to recline most of the time. She is a sociable little thing, but will quite as easily be happy to sit and be on her own. In fact she almost shoos you away and lets you know she wants her own space with a cry or simply by just turning her head and pretending you're not there!

She acts quite dainty and delicate but she burps and farts like a drunk sailor and has a pout and stare that would scare off a ferocious lion - there is no messing with that girl when she is in a mood.

It's so exciting to see these two little people grow and it seems as though they are completely different in character. At the moment it seems as if Beau will be the louder one of the two and is ready for a bit of rough and tumble, where as Olivia will be the more sensible one. I have a feeling she might use that wise-ness to her ability and send Beau into the front line to test the waters and I don't think he'll complain.

I guess watching to see how they will develop is like reading a good book or watching a brilliant TV programme, a real page turner that gets interrupted by sleep, work, the bus stopping etc etc. Or a TV series that only airs once a week. You so look forward to the moment you can pick up the book or watch the next episode to find out what happens next.

Of course every day I'm listening out for those blessed words "mummy" and I'm sure at some point I will delude myself they have said it when I hear just the slightest "mmm" sound, but for now they babble a lot and sound slightly like wailing cats.

One thing I look forward to is the time when they stop dribbling, these babies give a huge St Bernard dog a run for it's money in the saliva stakes. Bless their little cotton socks for they know not what they do, but going in for a kiss is messy situation and involves the use of many wipes. I've given up on changing clothes every time one of them dribbles, pukes, snots on me as I'll have run out of clothes by the end of the day. Yes I have become one of those archetypal new mums who leaves the house with baby vomit in her hair and formula stains on her clothes which emit a slight musty odour.

But do you know what, it's quite liberating to not have to worry about what I look like or if I've washed my hair. Sre, I'm dying to get rid of my mummy jelly belly, and I still cover my spots, but other than that I'm happy not to have to think about what I'm wearing or doing my make-up or hair. The babies provide me with an Ace card - People look from me to the pram back to me and give me that smile as if to say "it's ok, you look bedraggled but we understand."

There will come a time when I have to delve back into the world of work and my appearance will have to have a major overhaul, but for now I will happily sit here in my jogging bottoms and formula encrusted jumper and embrace living the life of Waynetta Slob!!

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