Thursday, 2 December 2010

Who needs the gym when you have a few inches of snow and a twin pram!!

We were all trapped indoors yesterday because of the snow and as cosy as it was I was gutted because it meant I missed a session at the gym and lost about £20 because the creche at my gym just charge you any way if you don't turn up.

I did think about doing a little bit of exercise in the house but as there's no room in the living room thanks to play mats, swings and bouncy chairs, the only place I can now do exercise is in our bedroom, which would mean shifting everyone upstairs and then back again. Plus within 2 mins you could guarantee that one of the twins would not be very happy

So with a mixture of  CBeebies, This Morning (Olivia was dying to see the interview with Bette Midler) Baby TV and Loose Women (Beau has a thing for old (er) women), we all settled down to a morning in front of the telly. 

But then what to do with two 5 month old babies??!! Ok you may say - read, sing, dance, play with toys - did all that - all within the space of 30mins as (i hope) like most babies the interest in any of these activities dwindled within 5 mins. So admittedly I relied a little on the TV to divert attention whilst I managed to do a little cleaning, and ok checked my facebook and a few other things on the internet, whilst looking longingly but glumly outside as what can only be described as an arctic blizzard settled itself on the pavements alongside our house.

To be fair, the twins were very good and barely kicked up a fuss, I think it was their mum that was more bothered about being stuck indoors.

I guess I could've done a number of things really but I do think that when you have babies simple things just become a little harder to do. However maybe I'm using the twins as an excuse not to do them.

Today we managed to get outside in the afternoon. All I wanted to do was go for a nice stroll in the park, but and I can genuinely say that it was like going on an expedition to the South Pole. I don't think I really anticipated how much snow there was on the ground and how difficult it would be to manoeuvre a twin buggy through the snow. If I had been someone looking in at myself I probably would've been laughing.

Visualise it like a scene from an old silent black and white comedy movie, with that tinkling piano in the background. There's the image of a woman sliding all over the place as the pram goes now where up against a mound of snow - yes that would be me in the picture!!

However, after my epic journey I finally did reach the park and once I got there I was at peace with the world again because the scene before me was beautiful

Whilst Beau remained asleep

Olivia woke up but I don't think she seemed too happy that we were outside in the cold

I'm glad that we did get out, the fresh air did wonders for me both physically and mentally. The walk will count as my cardio and my biceps / triceps and shoulders are aching from pushing my beautiful but ever growing twins in a pram the size of a small van!!

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