Monday, 12 September 2011

Praise be is not for me..but I did get The Help

Took the kids to a thing called praise and play at the local church the other day. But aren't you Jewish?? some of you may gasp. Yes I am Jewish but I'll also try anything that will keep the twins entertained for an hour or so.

However, whilst I appreciate there obviously had to be some religious content involved hence the word "praise", I was a little uncomfortable with how much emphasis there was on the whole "praise be to God thing" not that my kids took any notice of what was being said, Beau was too busy charging (well fast crawling) up the aisle and onto the altar (I had fears by the look of some women that both Beau and myself might be struck by lightening). Olivia mean while was just pointing at everything (that's her new thing).

There were quite a few mothers with children there but I think they may have gone to this with the same motive and that is to get out the house and be in the presence of adult company. So the whole thing felt a bit like a sham really, or dare I say it like a trap - "We're letting your children run amok in our church, you're drinking our (watery)coffee, eating our (cheap) biscuits, so YOU MUST LOVE  Jesus". Don't get me wrong they weren't spewing venom or chanting or anything like that, they were all lovely old dears. I just wasn't at ease with the environment. 

So we again we go in search of some sort of engaging activity for me and the twins to attend.

A luxury of mine, well no it's a necessity, is to read a book when I go to bed, I can't go to sleep unless I've read a few pages of something. I normally have about 3 books on the go. By reading, it gives me a chance to switch off and pull away from everything that is going on in my mind, it's like I can shut the door of one part of my brain for a while or wind down the clogs.

I've just finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stocket. It's based in Mississippi in the 1960's and is based around three women,  Skeeter, a young white woman called Skeeter and two black maids Aibleen and Minny).They have been united by Skeeters idea to write a book about what it really feels like to be a domestic servant in white southern households. This obviously was a very taboo subject back then and could put all these ladies lives at risk. 

As I read on through the book I could sense the tension and fear that all these women felt, but at the same time, the pride, tenacity and commitment to each other to get this book together. It not only covers political and racial issues, but also explores the relationships between mother / daughters, friends and care givers. There are many poignant moments which will make you laugh, cry and maybe growl a little.

I enjoyed it so much I finished in under two weeks (yes I know some people can read a book in two days, but not when you only have time to read for 20 minutes a day!) The film is coming out soon but I definitely recommend you read the book first.

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