Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The National Trust - Vigon Family Values

We've been trying to make the most of our weekends with the kids, spending some quality time together but also getting out the house so that we all don't go stir crazy - there is only so many times you can read The Gruffalo before your throat starts seizing up!!

So as we are now National Trust members we have begun to seek out child friendly places to visit

As I'm writing about this, I'm fretting that I am finally becoming like my parents as it brings back memories to when I was younger me and my brother spent many school holidays (dad was a headmaster and mum's job was flexible) being dragged around National Trust places under protest.

Back then, those kind of places did not really cater for kids and we had to find our own fun, or fights (two boys and one girl of various ages does not a good mix always make for long days out). My brother Adam would often be found (or lost) running round the gardens like a kid who'd had too much sugar (which was very much the case - how else do you bribe children!) Tim, my oldest brother made the most of being a sulky adolescent and spent most of the time sat in one place sulking. As for me, I'd be the one tugging on my parents clothes asking the irreverent question "Have you nearly finished?"

But it was not all hard knocks for us, to counterbalance these torturous days out, the Vigon family could also be seen on various roller coaster and white knuckle rides at either Alton Towers or Blackpool Pleasure Beach throughout the summer.

What I realise, having now had children myself, is that for my parents the most important thing about these days out was that we were all together as a family - and looking back, that time was really precious because now my mum is no longer with us, Tim lives in London, Adam lives in America, and I live in Shropshire. We have our own lives and families which makes it hard to find the time to talk to each other on the phone never mind see each other.

Now, I cherish those days I had with my family as a child and I too intend to carry on those same values that my mum and dad endeavoured to achieve.



So, here below is a few pictures of our family day out at Erddig Apple Festival (including one grandparent)

We are currently at an advantage in that we can still carry the kids in slings so they have no option but to
enjoy the day!!

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