Thursday, 18 November 2010

If I could have a pound for every time...

Having twins some times makes you feel like you're part of a freak show. Ok I admit that it's hard to miss my pram - it's the size of a mini bus, but surely now there are enough twins in this world that people don't need to stare point and poke their heads right into the kids cots! Now my trips out take twice as long as I fend off the same circle of questions

1, Are they boy, girl, boy, boy etc.
2, Are they identical
3, Do twins run in the family
4, Do they wake each other up in the night

And it's not just the questions, I also have to laugh along with the obvious comments - "oo one of each, you'll never have to do that again", "Bet you've got your hands full", "you must'nt be getting much sleep". Well actually in response - yep I would do it again - I get 8 hrs sleep a night and my hands are full but there's still room to fit the shopping on!

Don't get me wrong, I feel so so so blessed to have my little twins but not the attention that can come with it. Now I know what it must be like to be a celebrity - well ok, maybe not but you know what I mean.

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