Monday, 14 February 2011

making a boob of big butts

Over the weekend I was reading about the girl who died after getting silicone injected into her bottom to make it look bigger. Excuse me for being a bit behind with the times, but I was still thinking that us women spend most of the time worrying that our bum looks too big!! I've been spending years in the gym doing 1000's of squats and leg lifts in the bid to create a small but pert looking mini peach of a bottom.

So where has this new trend for big butts come from?? I know we can all try and blame Beyonce or J-Lo, but I reckon if you met them in the flesh their bums would be surprisingly mediocre, it's just that they are a little bit curvier than the size 0 actresses and singers who have very little flesh on their behinds.

It's the same with some women's obsession with getting big boobs, thinking the bigger the better - but for who? surely it can't be comfortable carrying an extra half a stone on your chest?! Before I was pregnant I needed very little support as my boobs were small peaks rather than great mountains, now after pregnancy I need a bra and sports bra in the gym to stop the uncomfortable bouncing action that comes with going up two bra sizes. So god forbid trying to do anything with double D - E- F or G.

it all seems a bit topsy turvy to me, whilst we mostly strive for flat stomachs, trim waists slim legs, why then do we want our chests and bottoms to be big - doesn't that contradict what we're trying to achieve?

I hate to sound like a feminist (even though I have to say I so agree with Richard Keys and Andy Gray being sacked for their chauvinistic behaviour at Sky - knob heads) but is this ideal design of the body the concept of man?? We all know most men love a bouncy boob and a bum that they can squeeze an inch or two out of.

Even though we don't like to think or believe it, women in society are still very much concerned with what men think of them and feel that the only way to please, attract or control men is with their bodies.

Now, I 'm not a fan but Margaret Thatcher never used her womanly wiles to gain status, so why since her leadership have we not moved forward, in fact it seems now we've taken 10 steps back and boobs and butts are treated like commodities.

I'm hoping that by the time Olivia is old enough that there will be more women that she can look up to who have done more than posed for a few lads mags and slept with a number of footballers in order to make their mark on the world.

On a lighter note, the twins enjoyed a new experience the other day in the baby slings which meant they saw the world from a whole new perspective.

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