Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My children have not been posessed

Woke up this morning to beautiful smiles from my children and as the day progressed smiles turned into laughs and giggles so my fear of them turning into morose, un-affectionate Omen style children was completely unfounded - of course!!

It was Rhythm Time today, a 45min mish mash of song, music and dance. The woman who runs it is very sweet, but I always have to suppress my giggles as she sings everything she has to say in front of the kids, and it's all in a very tra-la-la-la la style. It does however keep the twins focused and they always watch her, although sometimes when I looked over at Olivia today I did wonder if it was more a look of confusion than enjoyment and that her little mind is thinking "why can't she just speak to me like everyone else does??!!"
As much as I hate pre-guessing the intellectual levels my children will achieve, I can't help but think Olivia is quite switched on for a tiny little thing.

Is it just me and Rick, or does everyone try and label their children by certain actions that they take. For instance, Beau is very much into moving about and trying to stand up, yet his attention span is very short and he doesn't seem to focus on anything for too long. So (and this is probably so so wrong) we presume that he will prefer the more physical aspects of life, therefore he's either going to be a football or rugby player!! Now, Olivia, she is the more reserved and observant of the two and often when she looks at you it is with a glare  as if to say - "you're not funny or clever. I will not be entertained by you, please go away." This of course means we are nurturing possibly the future British Prime Minister or panelist on Dragons Den.

All this from a few months of life! Of course, we do not know what's in store for our children, but like my parents did for me, I hope to give them all the opportunities to achieve whatever it is they set out to do, as long as they are happy. One of my mum's famous quotes was "I don't care if you choose to be a bin man, as long as you're happy doing it that's all that matters." I was lucky to have been bought up in a very loving a open environment and felt comfortable in discussing things with my parents - doors were always open.

So when people commend me on my mothering skills, all I'm doing is following in some very big footsteps. I'm not sure what I believe in, but I can't help thinking that some how my mum bottled her love before she died and sprinkled it on me in my sleep when I was pregnant. It's like she is a part of me and in some ways, she's showing me the ropes. It's sad that she won't ever get to meet the twins but if I can love my children the way I know she loved me, they will, through me, understand how special their Nana Sarnie was.

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